What's new in the age of the corona virus?

Today is April 13, 2020 and I thought it was as good a day as any to start a blog. Whenever & wherever you're reading this message, I hope you are safe and healthy, today and always.

There's so much to say about how the world has changed in the last month and more articulate and insightful authors than me have penned many considered and thoughtful articles and I'm not sure I have a unique perspective to share. I'm incredibly lucky, grateful and privileged. And like many (all?) I'm working to manage my anxiety and grief. Life is very different than it was four weeks ago and, when this year and month are far behind us, I'm sure our lives won't look the same.

Practically speaking, I'm so lucky to have my studio located in my home so I can continue to get muddy. I have so many ideas and not enough time but I'm hoping I'll be able to explore and play over these next few months. I have some clay at home but, unfortunately, my clay suppliers are closed and no one knows when they will reopen. 

Earlier this year I introduced a new initiative "No one should have an empty bowl" where a proceeds from every purchase are donated to a local food bank. Food bank donations are more important than ever. I am grateful that I can continue to support my local food bank and I encourage you to do the same if you can.

I'm continuing to update my website and you can find the most recent additions in the New Arrivals collection. I'm happy to ship my work. I'm also offering local contact-free porch pick up in Toronto.

For now, I'm staying home to flatten the curve and working on my sourdough bread like everyone else. :)

xo Eleanor

Sourdough bread

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