About Stainsby Studios

Eleanor Stainsby standing outside wearing a white shirt with blue flowers

I'm Eleanor Stainsby, ceramic artist and proud owner of Stainsby Studios. When I'm not playing with mud, I have a career as an engineer working to protect the environment. 
I won the husband lottery and I'm also mom to two terrific boys. 
I've always loved to create and craft, and the challenge of ceramics -  combined with its soul and utility - has just captured my heart. 

I'm very grateful to be so blessed; giving back is really important to me. People struggle to make ends meet in my city, a city with so much wealth. One of my guiding principles is that everyone deserves to have food on their table and no one should have an empty bowl. With this in mind, I make a donation to the local food bank for every item sold by Stainsby Studios. Click here to learn more.


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xo Eleanor