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Keegan Mug

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This mug is one-of-a-kind and handmade by me. I've named him Keegan. He is glazed in black with blue glaze dripping down from the rim. He is a big mug and holds 450 ml which is almost 2 cups. There are 2 Keegan mugs available.

Keegan is made of black clay which is not recommended for microwave use as the iron oxide stain used to darken the clay gets hot. 

Local pick up available! Use coupon code PICKUP at checkout.

Keegan mugs have been handmade by me, Eleanor Stainsby, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A portion of the proceeds of every purchase from Stainsby Studios is donated to the local food bank.

Customer Reviews

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Sylvia Hennick
A beautiful start to the day...

The beautiful Keegan mug has a few wonderful features that make it a perfect fit for me. It is just the right size to fit on the Keurig for my morning coffee, while at the same time, roomy enough to accommodate a large coffee with all the milk I add just the way I like it. There is something very comforting about enjoying my preferred cup of coffee with my hands wrapped around Keegans ample bowl.

Barry Hennick
Great matching pair of mugs

I like a big cup of tea or coffee. My Keegan mug provides the space I need and also provides the colours I like and the design I love. Functional and brings joy what else can one want. My wife and I love our matching unique mugs